A Difficult Good Bye

Good Bye, Marilyn Moors… Because you were involved in so many community projects and so many lives, no one person can write it all, but At Citizen Shale we will attempt to add to the long list…. First, Marilyn you did nothing, … More

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More Proof: Fracking is Harmful to Our Health

YALE STUDIES HEALTH IMPACT OF FRACKING FLUID According to a new report out of Yale University, some of the 1000 chemicals used in fracking are toxic to humans.  The researchers studied 240 substances found in fracking  fluid and identified 157 chemicals-including arsenic, formaldehyde, and benzene-  impact … More

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Industry Economics Available in One Resource

The Project on Government Oversight (POGO) releases a Landmark Report on Oil, Gas, Minerals, and Renewable Resources that Provides New Insights into the Impact of Natural Resource Extraction on Taxpayers and Communities For the first time, U.S. residents will have access … More

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Methane Leaks are Huge Problem in TX Gas Fields

The Environmental Defense Fund has coordinated a number of studies in Texas’ Barnett Shale in an attempt to understand the rate of methane leakage from natural gas production. Besides having 20 teams making measurements in the field, the research team reviewed 11 other … More

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