Concern Builds over Health Risks of Fracking

Although the Governor has decided to permit fracking in Maryland, the scientific and medical communities continue to identify risks to public health.  And the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has released a report presenting the specific health impacts of air … More

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Citizen Shale Responds to O’Malley’s Decision to Frack in Maryland

On November 25, after three years of study assessing the impacts of unconventional shale gas development, Governor O’Malley announced that new and comprehensive regulations will be developed to govern the extraction of natural gas utilizing hydraulic fracturing, a drilling technique … More

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Fracking to be Tightly Regulated in Maryland

Governor OKs the controversial practice. Citizens, Health Advocates, and Environmental Groups Criticize the Decision Governor Martin O’Malley announced last week that his staff will finalize the nation’s most restrictive regulations for unconventional natural gas development and production (UNGDP also known as fracking) … More

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Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission Meeting Nov 25

After over three years of work, the Maryland Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission will convene for its last scheduled meeting this Tuesday from 10-4.  Maryland Department of Environment will present responses to the Risk Assessment, and Garrett County Health Department will … More

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