Study: Potential Fracking Impacts on Delaware River Basin

Currently fracking is not allowed in the Delaware River Basin (DRB.)  Nor is it allowed in New York state which contains the spring-fed source of the DRB watershed.  A new study on the Delaware River Basin demonstrates the potential health and environmental … More

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Fracking Impacts: Updated Publications Review

The latest version of the Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers Healthy Energy database analysis, which includes all peer-reviewed publications from January 1, 2009 – June 16, 2015 that are directly applicable to assessing the various impacts of shale and tight gas … More

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2-Year Fracking Moratorium in MD

New law delaying fracking in Maryland goes into effect May 29 For the growing numbers of western Maryland residents and business owners who live in fear that fracking will ruin our safe communities, rich natural resources, property values and thriving … More

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West Virginia Activist Praises Maryland’s Fracking Moratorium

S. Tom Bond, a retired chemist and contributor to FrackCheckWV writes: Where ever the public understands the effects [of fracking], the benefits look short-term and limited to few people, while the long term effects are broadly dispensed and continue indefinitely. Bond … More

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